Thursday, July 18, 2013

CAC Camp 2013

Hi readers, its been awhile since I last blogged omg. This is gonna be a super long post so grab your popcorns, sit back & enjoy HAHA.
So, last year I crashed CAC Camp (didn't sign up coz I didn't hear abt it before) and I ENJOYED IT SO MUCH!!! It was like one of the best out the 6 camps I went to as a freshie! The ppl were so friendly & welcoming that I srsly forgot I was a crasher hahaha. 
& so this year as a senior, I naturally wanted to go back & help out in CAC Camp again! 
Long story short, I went back as a HOUSE HEAD. (woww shocking news right considering the fact that im so serene LOL)
The camp theme was MADAGASCAR so my house was supposed to be GLORIA THE HIPPO LOL. And we are the awesome BLUE HOUSE, CAPENSIS OH YEAH!
Thus begins a whole new chapter in my Uni life...

The first group of people I was involved with were the other househeads and the PUBLICITY TEAM hahaha coz we had to film videos for the camp! Super awesome backstage people who were so patient with us (ESP ME WHO KEPT NG-ing)
"Actually I always NG coz I am Serene NG" HAHAHAHAHA (they didn't find it funny :/)
Not my acting lousy la but its coz I keep laughing!!! :D :D

Yepp and here's a photo from the day we filmed in school! We were dressed like detectives coz we were filming for CLUEDOOOO hehehehehe (but damn sad one of my scenes weren't in the video)
But the time spent with the camp comm & the other househeads were definitely memorable! Esp during the camp comm chalet which we were invited to to film the party scene for our videos :D
As quoted from Shermon, "The in-camp competition doesn’t diminish the fun I had working with you guys before the camp." & yes, in-camp competition was inevitable but what matters is that everyone had fun :D

The attendance was generally bad across the different houses, I think our house quite not bad alr LOL
This photo was taken when we were having amazing race, when one of the task was to make Kiyomi poses as an og! We saw this mannequin giving the 7 hand sign so we took a pic with him (:

Okay so for this camp there were a total of 4 houses- Yellow for Giraffe, Red for Lion, Black for Zebra, and BLUE FOR HIPPO!!! *screams*
Hahaha & there are 3 ogs in each house! House heads actually quite sad one, no fixed og :( 
So I followed different OGs for different activities, had some problem with remembering names, but had shitloads of fun still :D

Here's the first og of my house... KIBEI !!!
KIBEI SIBEI KIBEI AH!!! I followed them for wet/ dirty games on day 1 whooo & it was quite a funny experience watching them getting dirty and all LOL. There were 2 shearites Elton & Minjee tooooo yay!
Was super entertained by the mansluts Elton & Nicholas, showing off their body waves whenever they get the chance to! Overall I would say this og feels quite independent coz their councillor strength always fluctuates but they could still have alot of fun tgt oh yeah :)

Now, say hi to... TOMONDO !!!
Okay, I felt quite distant with this og at the start coz I only knew 2 of the councillors from precamp & only one freshie Tommy from Sheares! The girls were pretty shy too :/ BUT as I interacted with them more, I realised they were quite fun-loving people yay!
Had fun on Day 2 following them around for station games and watching them slowly open up. Special mention to Yan Ping too for being so bimbz and abit similar to me! Same interests and we even brought the same dress to camp LOL

Last but not least, we have... GUMARRE !!!
Had LOADSSS of fun with them even though most of the time I was getting bullied!
Almost wanted to follow them around everyday but as a househead I can't la HAHA
Okay not being biased but its coz I know the most ppl from this OG!
Hahaha okay so yeah, I only followed them around on Day 3 for amazing race. Which was amazing HAHA.
Yup okay not everyone is in the pic but still..

During SP session: with the Kibei dudes and babes ;)

Amazing Race was on Day 3! Look at our BITCH IM FABULOUS POSES HAHAHAHA.
Fyi we were on top of MOUNT FABER!! It was so tiring climbing those stairs, so we gotta take some memorable shots right LOL
& so from left to right you can see Gary the snail, Yuko the fellow bimbo hippo, and SERENE THE QUEEN HAHAHA (ok you can now bow to me)

Actually the weather gods weren't on our side coz it started raining just as we were reaching Sentosa
& I ended up playing icebreaker games with Kibei at Sentosa boardwalk, the area just before tapping in
Thankfully the rained stopped after awhile & we got to play a few stations at least :)
LOOK AT MY FABULOUS BLUE SHADES AND BLUE NAILS :D (& of coz the awesome blue house shirt teehee)

Awesome jump shot with KIBEI HAHAHA can you spot me?

WAR GAMES: TUG-O-WAR. Omg I played for 2 consecutive rounds, nearly died coz my fractured feet haven't healed yet & it HURT SO BAD FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. Was fighting back tears while trying to cheer coz we won (after an alliance with yellow house hahaha)
BUT idk why, the pain disappeared miraculously after the camp. My hypothesis is that while playing, I somehow twisted my feet back and NOW ITS HEALED HAHAHA

GUMARRE!!! I love this photo coz everyone's smiling so radiantly! (:
(Dunno why Gary's face so spastic though, I think its natural for him to smile like that HAHAHA)


After Sentosa we went back to sch for finale hehe, held at PGP!
Meet the pageant contestants from my house, YUNWEN & ELTON! ^^
Btw, Elton was the pageant king for Sheares exposure camp WHOOOO. Just look at how he's posing! Definitely a lady-killer.
& Yunwen is seriously too photogenic coz she looks so good in all the camp pics I've seen so far!!! JUST LOOK AT THAT SMILE.

THIS. Elffred Stripper Toh, the best freshie nominee from my house. 
I guess you can guess how he got his name right *smirks* 

Lo and behold, could that be... AVENGERS??? 
OH YES. Avengers, the best house of CAC Camp'12, RE-UNITED at CAC Camp'13!!!!
We made a sudden appearance with our awesome house cheer after all the houses were done with their cheers HAHAHA & everyone's shocked faces were just epic!!!

Now. Meet the BEST FRESHIE of CAC CAMP 2013, ELFFRED! (Yes the stripper won)
SO PROUD OF THIS RETARD HAHAHA. From i7 to Gumarre, we've come a long way and I'm definitely gonna pond his room when he comes to stay in hall LOL

HERE IS THE BEST OG OF THE CAC CAMP'13.... *drumrolls*
Oh yeah like win TOTO like that sia HAHAHA AWESOME JOB PPL :D

Now.. for the epic moment.. BEST HOUSE of CAC Camp'13 goes to....

So thankful for my co-house head Yuko who's been constantly supporting me despite having her own OG to take care of :)
GIRL POWER boom boom pow!!! coz we were the only house with 2 female house heads LOL


Of coz, I'm extremely thankful for my councillors who have been so supportive of me hehe.
I admit that I'm pretty inexperienced but hey, there's a first to everything right? :) Thank you for cheering with so much enthusiasm with me when I first taught the house cheers, even though I didn't know all of you well haha. Thanks for the concerns, the liang chas, the strepsils being passed around, & most importantly THE MEMORIES & BONDS FORGED THROUGH THIS CAMP :)

& yup, that sort of sums up my CAC Camp experience this year, as a senior, as a house head. I actually still feel like a freshie at times LOL & it feels weird to have to take care of 50 over people's needs all at once! But now that camp's over, I feel really thankful to Tomondo who invited me to their og BBQ (and dunked me countless of times) and also to Gumarre who invited me along to go to Adventure Cove with them (and we had a smashing good time tgt). I believe this is the start of another chapter in my Uni life; these priceless friendships will be something I hope will last :')
So to my freshies, I hope y'all don't feel intimidated by me or anything coz I AM SERENE, I AM ME HAHA. Look to me as a friend and not a house head ok!! :)
CAPENSIS UNITE WE'LL SHOW OUR MIGHT!!!! Ohhhhhhhh..... BOOM! *splash*

Monday, May 06, 2013

Freshie no more

"As this semester comes to an end, I feel lost, not because I have no plans for this holiday, but because university life is too fast-paced that it feels as though I have lost track of time, and in another 3 years I would be out in the working world."

This excerpt from a recent NUS confessions post really struck a chord in me. I cannot believe that my first year in uni is just gone just like that, as if it never happened. 

The best times I rmb throughout this whole year have definitely GOT to be:
- Orientation!!! Met so manyyyy friends in the 6 camps I went to, definitely worth the time! (Okay but need to pay LOL. If I had another chance I wouldn't have gone for Union Camp though, not very fun & made only hi-bye friends there lol)
- Hall stay! Hahaha the abundance of activities available to join definitely spices up uni life alot! But I must say I made some bad decisions in terms of choices of CCAs sigh :/ taking up the role of treasurer in one of the comms I joined definitely gave me lots of sleepless nights & robbed me of alot of studying time. Sighhhh regrets suck but oh well at least it was an experience!
- The simplest things like going for lectures with friends and going back to hall tgt (:
- Occasions like birthdays, Valentine's, exam period when people give each other little notes and gifts. Its really the thought that counts and goes a long way :') will be keeping all these cards and notes for as long as I live hehe.

Not to forget how the study buddy Wanling always have to come to my room to wake me up coz I'm always sleeping LOL. The long hours of studying tgt may have been daunting but her company made it so much more bearable :')

"When I strike off the days towards the end of exams on the schedule that I have done a month ago, the feeling goes from excitement to anxiousness and apprehension a week before my exam, but towards the end of the exam, I wished that all this could repeat itself."

Today marks the day of my last paper of finals in NUS as a year 1. I guess the freedom hasn't sunk in yet coz I'm still feeling a little tense (probably coz results are gonna be out in just a month) 

But good things are going to happen this week, I believe! Will be going out for the entire week & moving out of hall during the weekend coz its the end of sem2 hall stay. Will be moving back to my new room in August I guess.

Say hi to the beautiful view I have from my current room (: 
Looks like little castles doesn't it! Hahaha #nofilter toooo
I generally prefer facing this side coz there's more privacy! Other rooms faces the inside of the hall, aka other blocks' walkways/ corridors/ toilets :\ 
Abit sian coz next sem I'll be facing block D's toilet there #ohgodwhy
Quite sian to keep having ppl look into your room everytime they go to the toilet lol. But oh well coz of senior quotas we can't all choose to stay in the same wing (holy shit yes next year I'll be a senior) 
So yupp we had to compromise when choosing rooms lor. But looking forward to an exciting new sem with new incoming freshies :D
& with my senior neighbour-to-be, Yeeteng who's gonna be vice block head!
Hahahaha anywayz will be going Teoheng with the hall buds tmr! Shopping before that so I absolutely cannot freaking wait!!!! Followed by more exciting activities like visiting a cafe with the neighbors on Wednesday hehe. & to da clubz haha! Okay I shall go and chill & maybe stone for awhile. Haven't got to really relax in my room since finals started haha. Till we meet again!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Another fracture in my life

So in sec 3 my bro suddenly raised the topic of his friend learning Taekwondo & how cool it is. & I went all "meh, I'll show you how it's done"
& tried to trip my bro
& instead tripped on his feet
& bent my left foot
And I ended up fracturing it, missing my chance to go for the Sec 3 Adventure camp in Malaysia which was in 2 weeks & which I was pretty excited about.
I thought the days of hopping around with a heavy cast around my foot is over
I thought that I'll never have problems walking again, till I grow old

But yesterday which marked the start of the first Sheares Hall inter-hall games netball match, gave me a chance to hop around on my left leg to prove its worth
Actually I only played 2 quarters out of the total of 4, and for my second quarter I wanted to not play anymore but I decided that since its the last quarter and we're getting trashed so badly anw, why not just go for it and have fun before the match ends
So I went up and continued my role of defending the wing attacker
& I really forgot what happened cuz I only knew that I landed on the ground and heard a crunch before feeling excruciating pain in my right foot
The next moment I stood up and tried to walk but I couldn't stand the pain and asked for a sub
Actually I sort of just ran out after no one responded to my facial pleas for help
Yiting said I looked like someone just punched me on the face yet no one noticed me lolol
But Wenshee replaced me after that and yeah after that the first aider attended to me
It was just my first IHG match man #ohgodwhy
I can't even describe how I feel at screwing up so badly on a first match which we got trashed and I didn't even defend very much
All I can say is I'm very sorry to the team
& glad that Jo and Bao came to hall and had supper at SH coz of me instead of our initial plans to walk out for prata
& super thankful for Wanling who accompanied me to UHC for doctor's consultation, rushing off almost late for lecture and rushing back to bring me to NUH :')
I wouldn't have been able to survive today without this girl and I'm glad that she's in my life
Sigh, this time it's not just a camp;
I had/ have to give up:
1. Lessons today & for the whole of next week (but I'm so gonna try to drag my ass out for lectures without webcast)
2. Work tonight which should've been like free money coz it's a really damn slack but once in a blue moon job
3. Voluntary Corps event on sat morning, to help old folks clean up their house
4. Chingay rehearsal (& possibly but hopefully not the actual thing)
5. Any hopes of playing anymore netball matches (since the next match is next week only)
6. HANDBALL MATCH in 2wks ): trained so hard as a pivot & how can I not have the chance to even try
& the list goes on man, can't even go shop for CNY clothes too wtf
Ugh pissed and just so pissed
Just hope my foot will recover really soon and I won't have to hop so much on my poor left legs again

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Friends & random thoughts,

If I survived __ years without you, what makes you think I need you now?

This. This was something I suddenly pondered about today, and it never did give me a moment of peace.
Friends; we laugh with them, cry with them, gossip with them,
but do we need them?
Okay this is quite subjective but I think I really need my friends. & esp my family, to survive.
These few days without my mum and siblings at home has made me spend alot of time alone at home. If not for social media and whatsapp I might have died.
Of coz the friends I need are the friends who are genuine. They truly care for me, as do I. I am concerned about their well-being, I think for them, they think for me. We give each other constructive advice to improve ourselves.
Not pull each other down.
Fake friends, they are everywhere & its sometimes so challenging to mark them out
Even after marking them out, what more can you do other than patronizing them, to avoid unpleasant confrontations?
I don't know, really. Sigh.
Maybe I just miss my family too much.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

& it's about the hall life

HELLO PEOPLE! :D It's been a REALLY LONG TIME since I last blogged & I must say, time really flies!
Because for me uni has started and semester 1 has actually ended omg LOL.
okay uni (mostly hall life) was damn fun, it still is & it will continue to be!
Forged many friendships that I think would last for a lifetime, & I'm thankful :)

Overview of hall life,

Say hi to my SNDC date! Haha we freshies had to jio a senior for this formal dinner which is an annual event in SH. I would say it was interesting coz I decorated his door & sneaked food into his room when he wasn't around! Got the help of other seniors to get his timetable too, so that I won't run into him LOL.
Really good way to get juniors to interact with seniors more! :)
& it warmed us up for Buaya week LOL.

THIS IS MY BUAYA. :) faculty mate toooooo!
For buaya week we had to do nice stuffs for our buayees without them knowing!
Well he didn't buaya me alot coz he was having exams during that week ):
But see that pretty piece of black paper on my door? It's filled with very true adjectives to describe me LOL. SMART, EXOTIC, RADIANT, EXCITING, NAUGHTY (ok not so much), ENCHANTING
Hahaha & he got me a cute carebear for gift exchange too, so he's forgiven :D

MY BUAYEEEEEE! I think he's quite lucky to have me as a Buaya lor LOL. I kept feeding him with food sia and I spent a whole night doing this glitter thing to put up on his door :O but he's an exchange student who will be leaving after this sem! & I would say its kinda awkz everytime I see him around LOL

Lo & behold, its my retarded night cycling partner!
Ok for SH our night cycling is different from other halls, we have tandem bikes instead of single bikes & guys have to find their partners! Well some girls asked guys too but LOL I'm too shy to ask anyone la!

Hahahaha really glad I met her in hall as a blockmate and we slowly got closer as we did more stuffs tgt! Even though we're not from the same course/ faculty, we took the same maths mod and went for lectures tgt ^^ MY STUDY KHAKI DURING THE TOUGHEST PERIOD OF MY LIFE, when we studied from morning till night everyday before our finals. Coming all the way to my room to wake me up when I oversleep (which is almost everyday) LOL. One of my bestest friends in hall & I'm really glad I met her :)

MY SQUAREEEEEEE, one of the coolest square in our block xD
By sqaure I mean the positioning of our rooms! Hahaha our rooms literally form one square and so they're actually my opposite, diagonal, and beside neighbors :D
Really thankful for their presence since the start of uni, they made hall life so much more fun!
My alarm clocks, my counsellors, my sleeping-with-door-open buddies, we are full of laughter and zones! Other than friend zone we have "diagonal zone" "comfort zone" and many many other zones! Awesome possum and the best bunch of people to live with :)

& actually hall is filled with much more awesome moments and people, but if I blogged about every single thing I won't get to sleep until tmr LOL. Okay anw its damn sian that I can't find time to blog when there's sch, lol giving those spammers a chance to spam my tagboard with nonsense -.-
But yeah, its my holidays now and its so whooohooohoooo! Feel quite bored these days coz I have no idea what to do at all LOL. At the same time I'm thankful for this break coz I've been so mentally exhausted for the past few months ):

Ok I think its time for me to sleep LOL. My body clock is so screwed that I refuse to sleep anytime before 3am everytime I'm in hall hahaha. Alrighty, nights people! Signing off, xoxo

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Random May post

First of all, if you're reading this,

Well it's this contest i joined not so recently by posting on instagram, photos taken in the newest and coolest condo everrrr. The SKY HABITAT!
The design of the buildings are fantastic. The location is brilliant, being situated right next to a shopping mall and an MRT interchange!!
The prices of coz, are sky-high as expected. *le sighhhh
But yeah since one of the pics i posted became one of the top 10 finalists for the contest, i do hope to win smth. & be it the consolation prize, i'll be definitely satisfied. :)
SO I NEED SO MUCH HELP NOW. I'm at the 5th place and there's only 4 prizes apparently ._.
Pls do me this favour and cast me a vote kkkk i really do appreciate it very much :)

Hehe enough of garnering votes. HAIIIIIII LONG TIME NO SEE, READER!
It's been like years since i last blogged la! At least a million! LOL just kidding
Well this period has been really busy for me. There was work everyday and i'm just soooo exhausted at the end of each day that i can't seem to find the energy to do anything else other than rot. LOL

ANW, I HAD ONE OF THE BEST TIMES EVER WORKING AT THE GREEN BOOK. The staffs ah, all act fierce only when i just joined the company LOL. ESP MY MENTOR CUM SUPERVISOR JOHN. He was the worst!!!!! I used to think he's like one of the strictest and most serious person in the whole dept. Who woud've thought he'd be such a retard???! (never bathe one, both pics taken on diff days but he wore the same shirt LOL. Superman obsession!)

This was taken after a hard day of packing the books to be sent out to our customers. We were treated to free muffins and everyone was elated :)

Taken on my last day of work, & i'm really touched that they planned a farewell session for me :')
The ppl here are really the nicest in the whole company! Ok la there were more nice ppl whom i wasn't very close to, but these ppl here really made a huge difference to my stay at TGB. On dull days (esp when the Monday Blues hit), they were the ppl who brightened up those days with their lameness and cheerfulness which i really appreciate. ^^
& also, without the stupid girl Cheryl Chua i wouldn't have survived those long hours after lunch, when all i wanted to do was to collapse on the floor and just go off to dreamland! Counting down to the end of work made everything bearable. Mostly importantly, our drawer which was filled with food definitely gave us many mini picnic sessions and kept both of our hunger pangs away. :D

I'll definitely miss the routine of an admin job (even though its really quite boring sometimes), the logistics ppl who've been so nice to me when i was attached to their dept, AND DEFINITELY THE NICE AND RETARDED PPL WHO HAS BEEN BULLYING ME SINCE I JOINED THE COMPANY LOL.

Even though last Friday marked the last day of my short stint at The Green Book, i became busier than ever.
A kinda impt task was given to me and xf, and we had to be really sneakyyyyy!
& suddenly a student was bestowed to me LOL. Was reluctant to teach tution coz i didn't want to be bound by the contract until after uni starts. But this student's mum, my colleague, wasn't fussy at all and she said i could stop/ reschedule tution according to my timetable when i start sch :) perfect!
& i'm gonna work at a new place (maybe onlyyy) so i'll just wait and see hehe.
Anw that's all from me today, have a MARVELLOUS MAY & do rmb that when the going gets tough, you need to continue going and never ever give up. Because that's when you get the chance to prove yourself. For whatever you do. :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hahaha ok just kidding about the title, I just thought its quite funny coz it rythmes with Me Gusta :D
Okay so last Friday was damn awesome!!!
I worked for half day then went to meet yt coz she won a pair of tickets to the Fashion Steps Out event at Mandarin Gallery :)
Quite lame coz we just got a private view of the bazaar, meaning they cordoned off the area for us but the public can still see us ._.
Haha well but good thing is, we got lots of freebies! Hehe a chio goodie bag, free pic, free food and drinks,
And we got a free customized shirt :)
It's like we wore it over and this person called Ash just worked magic with her scissors and cut nice designs that suit us :)
It was super cool!!!! We got interviewed too but all I said was "I think it's really cool and unique" LOL
After that we met bao and went to zouk for the Nylon Launch Party. Lol. Actually I didn't have tickets but they just asked me to go and try my luck!
Because bao had a ticket and she could bring one guest (yt) haha so all we had to do was to look for someone who doesn't have a guest.
We didn't have to look far coz bao's friend pj's friend's friend Rei came alone! Hehe super happyyyyy!
The event itself was actually quite boring lol and we couldn't even get a nice view of the stage. But at least we got a free drink and free icecream :)
Magnum gold leyyyy!
HAHA ah wells then we left at 10plus 11 like that and had a hard time finding our way homeeeee
Well overall it was a really cool day & not bad considering that both events were freeeeee :)
Sat was super good too coz I spent less than $50 on a really fun outing with Char!
Kboxed, shopped, and had a good dinner! :) damn awesome!

& now. Back to reality. It's the dreaded Sunday again!
Gonna have Monday blues again D:
Though work is getting more and more slackkkkk coz they're running out of tasks to give us
Haha hope this coming week will be gooood! :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mid march 2012

I realised that the last time I blogged was before the release of Alvl results.
Haha I guess my not-so-flattering results killed my mood for quite awhile.
I've went to the SMU, NTU, NUS open houses each Saturday after results day, and I think I really like NTU the best eh!
Hahaha it's just the atmosphere & school spirit- something is different in NTU!
I really liked the vibrancy of the NUS hall-life showcased to us too, haha but I believe NUS is tooo competitive for me alr!
Anw, life has been going on, time is passing by really fast;
It's like a quarter of 2012 gone already.
Before long, it'll be time for uni (hooray!) followed by the much dreaded life of a full-fletched working adult :/
For now, I'm quite happy where I currently am in life. Work is enjoyable thanks to crazy colleagues who brighten my day just by being there with me! :)
Just that the pay.. Abit little ah LOL
But I guess experience matters more lo. Besides, my work ain't even stressful LOL it's just a lil boring.
& recently I'm quite annoyed by some people tho,
I don't understand why ppl make excuses for late replies. If you don't want to talk, just don't talk luh. Nobody is forcing you. I don't really care too, seriously. Just don't initiate a convo everyday then not reply even when I replied at a reasonably fast speed, it's really quite annoying -.-

Hahaha enough of pissifying stuffs, I'm actually quite happy now!
My purple glittery nails are making me happy hehehe but I can't seem to get a nice pic of it coz it reflects too much light LOL
Just called my driving instructor-to-be too, and he's really nice! :)
& the endorphins released after my 3km jog just now is making me quite :D too hehehe
Alrights, I'll try to blog about more interesting stuffs next time k. Here's some 9gag pics I liked x)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy 29th February :)

HELLOOOOOO i know its been a really long time since i last blogged, but its coz too many things have happened over the past week & i kinda forgot about my blog LOL.

For instance i went to USS with Jolyn the day after my last post. The ticket was a bday present from her to me! :)
She even helped me to upload the pics and included some stupid captions lolol.
Will blog about it if i can find the time to :)

Oh and i went for flea again, got a stall with Charlene & we sold off quite abit of clothes on Saturday ;)
I brought one luggage of clothes & she brought 3 times the qty of mine LOL.
actually at the start we were both damn sian coz not alot of people and the weather made us super grumpy
BUT things started picking up during the late afternoon :)
esp after she played some pitbull song man, i swear a crowd formed at our stall right after she played the song hahahaha but i think it was just coincidence
A Malay woman came and totally cleared our whole rack of clothes but bought them at ridiculously low prices lolol i am still quite saddened over it coz alot of my clothes were new

But anw, the highlight of the flea day was that i cut my finger while looking for my wallet in my bag. Coz i had a razor in there which i forgot about after it fell out from the packaging a long time ago.
I just felt a sharp pain and all i saw was redness after i withdrew my hands from my bag
Aghast, terrified, HORRIFIED; i didn't dare to look at the wound at all while Charlene tried to stop the bleeding?
Damn gross and she had to put a plastic bag underneath my hand coz the blood was dripping all over the floor
Then at night i almost fainted when i opened the plaster to clean the wound coz the blood couldn't stop flowing and i was damn scared and my siblings said my face was super pale
I couldn't stand the giddiness and laid on the bathroom floor for quite some time lol, with my sis trying to use tissue and stop the blood
Then i finally went to see a doc on Monday night at my cousin's clinic, haha the doc was initially pissed at us coz we missed the queue number
But cannot blame us lo the clinic was overcrowded and we had to wait outside for 12 turns
Then after my mum casually mentioned that i very scared to come see doc coz it wasn't my cousin, the doc was like "Oh Dr Lim your cousin ah..!"
Then there was like an instant 360deg change of attitude?
Ah but this doc was not bad luh i think he's a skin specialist or smth
Then after my mum asked if there'd be a scar in the future, he was like "Okay luh it will be very faint. Just cannot be hand model alr" LOLOLOL WTS

Till now you must've realised that the title of this post doesn't have much link to the content LOL but this day deserves some credit since it only comes once every 4 years!
I just can't stop this fascination with the leap year hahahahaha
Okay actually i'm feeling rather down and really sian these days coz FRIDAY IS APPROACHING.
My my, how i wish i can step into the hall with much more confidence than what i'm feeling now ):
Going for Korean bbq dinner with the retards tmr in case we feel shitty after getting the results and don't wanna go out lolol
Me iz going to enjoy what's left of today plus tmr before Friday comes and kill my mood!
Praying for decent results,

Monday, February 20, 2012

Skyping with the retards

It's been almost a month since Joey left Singapore.
We finally got to see each other. All of us, at the same time! :)
We were supposed to oovoo earlier last week but i couldn't make it due to an improptu dinner with my mum and her friends.
Lost the chance to catch up with the latest buzz and lagged behind alot ):
For instance, bao and yt have been through ALOT and i didn't even know the details!
Hahahahaha well at least we managed to catch up abit ytd night heh.
We used Skype coz yt's oovoo was spoilt or smth
When i logged onto Skype, i saw the contacts and suddenly rmbed the awesome days in sec4 when all of us- Marissa XF Jolyn Yeokhee Alexis CW etc etc will webcam randomly?
Hahahaha actually i can't rmb who but i'm just basing it on my Skype contacts and memory haha.
Then i rmb yk and cw playing guitar and singing for us too, so cool hahahaha.
Good ol' times man, our class was so much more bonded! Even tho cw wasn't from our class lol.

Hahaha anw enough sidetracking already.
Ytd while webcamming, Joey was hugging a pikachu most of the time LOL.
Superrrr cuteee! & yt kept wearing this furry hat thing or smth hahaha damn cute too.
We talked about retarded stuffs, camwhored using our phones coz we didn't know how to take screenshots, all these while i was eating tauhuay LOL
Joey had to sleep at 9.30pm coz it's like 12.30am in Australia and she has school today :/
Me bao and yt continued talking about retarded and random stuffs until idk what time hehehe
Bao's face kept freezing then it was super funny LOL
I felt kinda guilty for using my phone quite alot while talking to them haha but they were msging ppl too so i guess its okay ^^

It was a great time overall but it was kinda short, i only chatted with Jo for about 1 hour. & my lousy webcam made it "look like i'm covered in fog" or smth, according to yt hahaha

The best pic of the night with everyone looking into the screen and smiling :)
I'm so looking forward to our next webcam date <3

P.S. omgomgomg so excited for USS!!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Bad week

Helloooooo, this is gonna be a post full of rantings haha so brace yourselves!
Okay so Tuesday was Valentine's day. I thought it was gonna be a splendid day since it was supposed to be a day of love & not bad luck. Like Friday the 13th.
But first thing in the morning, my bracelet broke and I couldn't find it for awhile until someone came to return it to me.
I was shocked that the Indian lady in the office knew the bracelet was mine haha!
Shortly after that, about 10mins before lunchtime, the strap of my sandals broke.
I was like wtf?!!! HOW AM I GONNA GO OUT AFTER WORK? Wait, how am I even gonna go for lunch??
Then lucky this lame guy Dino who happened to be sitting behind me that day helped me with it. He used some "art glue" & told me to press on it till lunchtime.
The sandal actually lasted! Like, it didn't give me anymore problems. The Dino even helped me to fix my bracelet & I was damnnn happy!
The rest of the day was alright, met LL after work & had our usual special dinner at our special place. Great time & we witnessed a proposal being executed :)

The next day after work I went to meet my mum for dinner with her friends. Otw there I missed a train & my bag strap broke while I was walking -.-
My blood vessels almost burst please.
Thankfully, there were handles to use in place of the long straps which I'm more accustomed to using.
Haizzz wtf is wrong is my luck

Ytd I wanted to sleep during like every second of work man. It was that bad. Idk why I was so tired too but really, even after Dino's persistent pokings I still felt super sleepy lolol

Then today I almost died coz dad came to me with NUS pamphlets from the letter box, & he was just smiling and telling me I should go for the open house.
I don't even know if my results can get me into a local U?
It's that bad, I don't feel good about the Alvls at all
I keep telling myself to not worry first, but how long more can I escape reality?
It's less than one month before results day. Too fast, tooooo fasttttttt

For now, I really want to just enjoy my life first. Going kbox with LL tmr & I really hope I'll sing away my sorrows & worries :/
Feeling down these days too coz I've been neglecting my friends way too much due to work.
Need to be the super cheerful Serene I used to be!
Sorry for the negativity these days coz I really can't help it haha. With all the optimism I can conjure up with,
I hope for decent Alvl results. xx

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


I am so tired.
So tired of my boring routine.
Sometimes when I'm working, I'll actually stop to think. Is studying in school actually better than all these?
Actually yes I'd rather go back to schooling, at least there was a sense of purpose everyday. An aim; something to work towards.
PSLE, Olvls, Alvls. Daunting but purposeful.
At work, I'm actually pretty good at what I'm doing.
I believe this is specialization: doing things so repetitively that it becomes mindless.
My own definition after starting work haha!
Really, it's just the same things to look out for and stuff. Everyday target 100 I can easily hit 180 even with 6 toilet trips the whole day LOL.
Sometimes I just can't take it lo, too sleepy until really must take a walk somewhere. So where else better to go and slack besides the toilet??
Hahahaha but I'm thankful for lame friends who countdown to break time & end of work with me everyday :D
They are the reason I'm still surviving there lol!!
We even have special hand signals to indicate the hours and minutes hahaha.
Okay & this is weird, I'm actually quite open to sleeping early now.
Like I don't mind sleeping at 10pm eh!
Last time I could easily stay up till 3am during the post-As period.
Even during As I slept after 11pm everyday lolol so I'm quite happy that my bio clock is tuning to an earlier sleeping time hehe!
Okay I shall go sleep soon.

Here's a pic I saw on fb which I really liked haha! Something to ponder upon.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Fleaaaaaaa :)

Hello it's been a really long day for me!
Blogging to pass time while I dry my hair heh.
Today I set up a stall for the first time with Charlene hehe, been looking forward to it the whole week!
Then two days ago I got a sorethroat & freaking lost my voice today -_-
It was damn unfortunate & I was so pissed coz I know who passed it to me.
Okay I shall not bear grudges haha. Anw it was supposed to be a real good time but we were quite sian coz the sales weren't so good :/
& bcoz it was Sunday, alot of the customers were _____.
I'm not judging or anything but seriously, they complained that a $12 pair of brand new heels from Newlook was too expensive???
When it costed like almost $40.
& we were quite sway coz it drizzled abit and our stall was in one of the outdoor makeshift tents
Lol but okay luh we made enough the whole day to cover the rental :)
Quite sad coz the things I sold today were things which I deliberated quite long whether to sell away.
& if they weren't sold today I might just have kept them for myself. Ah wells haha!
Charlene's friend brought sushi for us for lunch plus gongcha :)
Hehe & I was quite happy coz yt & bao came to give me moral support LOL
They no $$$. Hahaha.
Their funny friends mus & sharan came too! Stupid sharan made fun of my voice (or the lack of it)
Hahahaha anw. Parents fetched us there and back so we saved taxi money! :)
Yayness haha. I hope my voice comes back tmr man!
There's work again. Haiz it's gonna be a busy week ahead.
Hehehehe okay I think I'm gonna sleep soon. Too tired, dk what I typing also haha. Nights & have a good week readers :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

CNY week

This week has been rather eventful :)
Cny day 1 was on a Monday which made it really easy to count the corresponding days of cny!
It was kinda boring in the afternoons actually, hahaha. Coz we were mostly waiting for people to visit.
Went zhidan's house on day1 evening hehe, and uncle's house on day2 evening.
Day3 was spent at Putien lol working as waitress. Supposed to work whole day with XF but she had exam in the morning so only can come at night ):
Then I worked with Chloe from Beatty haha xf found her to replace her :)
Then break was 3-6pm and Luvena came to find me! :)
THAT WAS ACTUALLY A BAD FML DAY coz I forgot to charge phone plus bring wallet out
So I was damn hungry & luu lent me money for lunch hehehe
Anw I don't think I ever wanna work as a waitress anymore unless the pay is really appealing haha. Sucks to clear up after strangers and pretend to be happy doing it
& can't stand it when ppl act oh-so-classy and rich and look down on the ppl serving them.
Like I actually need their money?
Haha wellllll but it was fun to be working with XF hehe :)
& not to forget there were some really nice ppl who actually smiled at me and thanked me every single time I poured tea for them! :) it really brings joy especially when my day kinda sucked hahahahaha
Okay the other days just flew past coz I had admin work.
But I took leave on sat to take my BTT :)
Yeah man I passed!!! :)
So happy man. Especially when I didn't touch the book since December, and I slept kinda late the night before.
Was so afraid I'd fall asleep sia!!!
Hahaha then my comp machiam got problem and I started like 5mins after everyone else
The guy was like "buyao pa, buyao pa!" LOL
Oh and went river angbao at night :) the night scenery was damn pretty :)

Today was quite awesome coz it's the last official outing with Joey ):
Damn sad ):
Even though we met quite late, we had a good time at scape hehe.
Went playnation to play board games and console games!!!
& the band heroes was damn fun hahahaha we kept rotating the guitars drums and mike hahaha
Took instant pics which were kept by Joey :)
Damn siannnn outings would never be the same again without Joey ):
Nevertheless I hope she enjoys herself & excel in Australia! :)
Hehe alright I needa go sleep soon since there's work tmr. & wow, if you're reading this I thank you for checking my blog out even though it's so dead! :)
Hehehe okay enjoy the week ahead! & nights! ^^

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Got a job,

Haha helloooooo it's been awhile! & yeah it's mostly coz I just started work on Monday hehe :)
Basically I'm an admin assistant now and I face the computer the whole day O_O
I can already feel the difference in my typing speeds; it's like keyboard speed level up & phone speed level down?!
LOL I almost died on Monday coz I wore contacts & my eyes were so freaking dry after concentrating on a screen the whole day.
Haha & anw I have nice colleagues! I'm on better terms with this girl faizah I met last week when going to sign the agreement hahaha, she's super friendly and funny! :) and we sit tgt in the office & we actually have 2 personal supervisors who are super nice & friendly :)
Then there's this kaka hahaha ok in Malay it means older sis haha she's also nice! Together with another girl my age who just completed her Olvls, we are the lunch & go home tgt gang HAHA
Even the HR person who seemed a little intimidating during interview is a super nice guy, he brought all 8 of us newbies to a coffeeshop for lunch coz we didn't know where to go!
& okay actually today is just my second day into the job haha but I feel quite accustomed to it already.
Apparently everything we do on the comp is timed & my supervisor asked me & faizah why we had so much "skiving time" ytd which basically means we were slacking hahaha
I think it was coz we were undergoing training ba, lol then we left our account there for a couple of hours hahaha
Anw today supervisor John told us about our daily targets, & we have to complete 72 of what we are doing
Then he said I did 30 ytd while faizah did 28, and we were totally on target ok coz we did it for less than half a day.

Then for today, despite technical difficulties for the whole admin team & wasting like about 1hr waiting for maintenance, I was super focused for the rest of the time with specs & I did 147 HAHA. My supervisor was like "woahhh 147 ah" when I was doing my report at the end of the day.
Faizah also not bad 126! :) I think we two damn pro honestly HAHA. (Y)
I hope I continue this tmr lol, highly doubtful I will be able to do as good coz I'm gonna wear contacts I think.
Still considering! Haha and I seriously feel super detached from fb & twitter now man, it's a super good thing!
Hahahahahaha but I'm addicted to clicknetwork gosh
Okay I KNOW I'm slow, but I didn't follow the various videos coz of school basically.
Now that I'm so carefree I can keep watching videos all day!
Done with Budget Barbie recently & just started on Numbnuts today! FREAKING HILARIOUS LOL.
I thought Chick vs Dick would be the funniest ever series but Numbnuts totally got me roflmao
& btw I did keep up with Xiaxue's guide to life & Chick vs Dick during school days la haha but not very regular la
Hahaha omg just go watch Numbnuts omgosh hilarious man
I started today morning only and I'm now 3/4 done hahaha.
OK ANW I may not be updating as much coz of lethargy due to work haha x.x
I already feel that my sentences aren't making much sense now?
I shall go sleep already, need to start sleeping at 10pm. SERIOUS.
Alr slept at 11pm ytd hahaha each day I'll sleep earlier!
Gosh I didn't even do this for As la. -.-
Hahahahaha omgggg.
Okayyyy, goodbye peeps! Thanks for reading & take care! :)

Lalalala so looking forward to cny~

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Unlucky day

As everyone knows, ytd was a very special day which was the 13th day of the month that fell on a Friday.
Many believe it brings bad luck & we usually exercise greater caution in the things we do on this particular day.
I've always shrugged off this superstition, believing its just any other normal day
Actually it still is, lol it could be that our brains are especially fine-tuned to bad things happening around us since we expect bad luck on this day.
In some way, we are actually inviting bad things to happen to us hahaha
Well I went for an interview at 10am today, followed by another one at 11am at recruit express.
The 10am one ended abit late coz of the waiting time so I was late for the 11am one.
& when I reached, the whole room was flooded with people
Waited for 1.5hrs -.-
The interview took only 3mins or so then I had to wait for their call to be shortlisted. If not, I can go home in half an hour.
They never called.
Went daiso to shop & my left eye contacts dropped out.
Like just dropped out randomly -.-
Seriously man, then I walked around half blind, super irritating
The only other time this happened was during econs Alvls paper2 lol =.=
Anw then I wanted to go home so took the mrt. Super cranky; no seats, noisy train, getting elbowed,
Then suddenly. The train freaking stopped.
I was damn shocked, okay I read about the mrt breakdowns & actually found it cool that ppl must walk on the tracks to the next station lolol
But all that was in my mind was, "WHAT?! NOW?!!! WHEN I CAN'T EVEN SEE PROPERLY????!"
But after a few mins the train started to move again. Lol phew man but the train went superrrrrr slowly & my face all the time was like -_-
I decided to buy apple pie for my mum & also buy the twister fries which I haven't ate since the last time it came out
Fml the cashier heard as pineapple pie so she keyed in $1.30 instead of $1 and I didn't notice zzzz
But finally did after I got the food, so got it changed. Gosh. -.-

I was like, "I'm so in need of this right now la ._."
That was almost 4pm alr lol.
Woah then after that really like twist of luck sia. Found some chio scrapbooking materials which was a bday present long time ago, then at 5plus I got a call informing me that I got the job I was interviewed for at 10am hahahahahaha
Okay but the good things stopped there coz from then till now my mum has been scolding me at random intervals for random reasons -.-
Oh and I went Jolyn's house where her mum said smth to me causing me to FML
So I still blame it on Friday the 13th.
Excited for the shopping trip later! :>
Haha hope y'all didn't have a bad Friday 13th like I did yea, have a great weekend ahead! :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First time in NYP!

Harrowww! :)
So today I went to visit xf at NYP :>
But before that, I rushed like mad coz I woke up late lol -_-
Mum was supposed to wake me up at 8am to help her with the last part of spring cleaning, okay apparently she DID try to wake me up but she thought I didn't want to wake up to help her ._.
When actually I was deep asleep la LOL
Was actually having alot of dreams. Bad dreams, weird dreams, pleasant dreams, whatever dreams you can come up with
But my mum eventually succeeded on waking me up at 11am by shouting LOL according to her she has been shouting for me to wake up since 9plus
I feel so bad coz she was cleaning the kitchen & the cabinets were really high, so it would make her job much much easier if I were there to help her get the cloths and stuff >.<
Okay & I was supposed to meet Susan and xf at 11am so I was like FML FML FML
Got ready in 20mins (hehe not bad eh) and ran to the mrt
But I missed a total of 4 trains waiting for Susan to come from town la -.- shouldn't have ran man!
Haha we like super auntie in NYP coz we super lost and blur LOL
& omg they were having this bazaar thing and I went to take a look with Susan, forgetting about xf who ended class at 11am LOL
After much bimbotic actions, we ate lunch at the canteen & went to one of the classrooms to chill and camwhore LOL
Quite funny coz me and Susan wore the same platforms and hellokitty geek specs HAHA & xf wore flats so she's even shorter than usual!
& basically we just went around the school to camwhore and explore the premises before xf went for a lecture at 3pm!
I wanted to go with her actually but Susan was like "aiyo so boring then you want to leave also cannot" LOL so we went to walk around at the bazaar again
Did manicure too, LOL to be honest I think my fingers look like poisoned mushrooms now
The person was like, "eh this one looks like Valentine's Day nails :D"
I just "uh ya lor ya lor hahaha"
Hehehe I am actually quite happy I went NYP today, like finally man!
So now I can finally declare that I VISITED ALL THE POLYS IN SINGAPORE :>
Went SP and TP open houses in sec4, SP again to find Charlene LL, NP to find Doreen and Marissa, RP for Guzheng SYF, and NYP to find xf like finally :)
Sadly too few of us are in JCs and we only went to YJ and CJ carnivals together lolol
Oh and NYJC in sec4 for the open house!
Hahaha we saw kahwao on our way out and he looked scared of us HAHA
Then we took the same train as Nadiah and she was asking me how i grew to become so tall :O
LOL CAN CONTROL ONE MEH?? HAHAHA but i was happy to see ex-Beattyians whom I've not seen for a long time :)
Haha okay look at my poison-mushroom nails hahaha
Don't judge me coz they are just for fun! :>

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Stop judging

I let it fall, my heart
And as it fell, you rose to claim it
It was dark and I was over
Until you kissed my lips and you saved me

My hands, they're strong
But my knees were far too weak
To stand in your arms
Without falling to your feet

But there's a side to you that I never knew, never knew
All the things you'd say, they were never true, never true
And the games you play, you would always win, always win

But I set fire to the rain
Watched it pour as I touched your face
Let it burn while I cry
'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name

When laying with you
I could stay there, close my eyes
Feel you here, forever
You and me together, nothing is better

'Cause there's a side to you that I never knew, never knew
All the things you'd say, they were never true, never true
And the games you'd play, you would always win, always win

But I set fire to the rain
Watched it pour as I touched your face
Let it burn while I cried

'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name

I set fire to the rain
And I threw us into the flames
Where I felt somethin' die, 'cause I knew that
That was the last time, the last time

Sometimes I wake up by the door
Now that you've gone, must be waiting for you
Even now when it's already over
I can't help myself from looking for you

I set fire to the rain
Watched it pour as I touched your face
Let it burn while I cried
'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name

I set fire to the rain
And I threw us into the flames

Where I felt somethin' die
'Cause I knew that that was the last time, the last time, oh

Oh, no
Let it burn, oh
Let it burn
Let it burn

I think Adele is super cool hahaha #random
Hate the fact that some people hate her, its not like they themselves are oh so perfect anyway.
The world is just so judgemental sometimes lol.
Well nobody's perfect so SUCK ON THAT, MEAN PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!

"Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyong appearances."
-Wayne Dyer

Well this outburst was triggered by some things from conversations the past few days, with hate comments attacking my various idols being the final straw.
Okay i know all humans have an innate tendency to judge other people, but converting that to an actual action- even if its just words, THAT'S BULLYING. So bullies, mean people, whatever, just stop it luh.
Karma will get you one day. *recalls an incident in J1*

Hahaha okay anw today is STAY-HOME SATURDAY for me!
I woke up super early today like at 7am to go fetch my bro to school for a workshop, before going for breakfast with parents.
Haha then went home to do spring cleaning with mum! :)
Okay actually i'm quite pissed coz i was supposed to work this weekend with bao, its just a temp job but we could have earned $140.
Bloody pissed la but also no choice, i'll just take helping my mum clean the house as a job?
Lol but seriously what is this, gender discrimination huhhhhh.
Okay and basically that's all i did so far today- clean house and be angry LOL
Waiting for my consultant to call me and give me good news for the job which i was interviewed for yesterday!
Met a super friendly girl at the agency who's my competitor i think T_T
Nevertheless i hope both of us get the job so at least we can help each other out :)
Hehe okay i'm really bored now coz i have nothing to do, fb keeps lagging my comp so i decided to close it hahaha.
Okay have a great weekend ahead,